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What to Do When Someone Loses a Pet & 6 Things Not to Say or Do

 Losing a pet is hard for anyone. What do you say to someone who’s lost their beloved cat or dog? What does one offer for condolences when they know that nothing can really make up for the loss of something so dear? It is hard to know what to do in this situation. That is why we have compiled this list of ideas on what to do when someone loses a pet and how to help someone get through a difficult time.

What to Say to Someone Who Lost a Pet

For someone who has just lost or is losing a a beloved animal friend, there are so many emotions wrapped up in the experience. It’s always appropriate to say “I’m sorry for your loss,” but what else can you add to make them feel better?

Be there to listen: Whether it’s over the phone or face-to-face, just letting them know that they have your support at this difficult time is key. Even though you feel like you don’t know what to say, just sitting and listening is a great way to help. Learning how much their pet meant to them can give us insight into the ways we also love our pets so deeply and so unconditionally.

Share your positive memories of that animal: If you feel comfortable, share your own positive memories of the animal and how it made an impact on your life. That can help dog parents feel their pet was loved by others just as much as they were, and it is a great way to honor their memory.


What to Do After the Loss of a Pet

Show your support by doing something nice for your pal: It is hard for any pet mom or dad to remove the bedding and toys they share with their beloved companion when a pet dies. If the pet has a difficult time in the final days, they might leave some painful paw prints at their home, then the carpet or furniture may need to be cleaned.

Offer to help if you can handle doing it without falling apart. Pet parents may want to do it but would appreciate your presence and the comfort of a few kind words. Ask what they want you to do, follow their lead, and do whatever is needed.


What to Write in a Pet Sympathy Card

A well-planned pet sympathy card is always a good idea for what to do when someone loses a pet. Cards are still the most effective way to show how much you care about them. So now you have the card, but you’re having trouble coming up with the right words to put inside it. Here are some suggestions for what to write in your card:

Keep it simple and to the point: “I was sorry to hear of your loss. I hope the pain in your heart will be eased by the beautiful memories you have of [Pet’s name]”

Handwrite it: The warmth of your handwriting can add a personal touch when you’ve written pet sympathy cards. The pet parents will appreciate the time and thought you’ve taken to send something from your heart. Don’t try to be creative or adorable. Just convey how much you care about them.

Include your contact information: Let the bereaved pet parents know how they can contact you if they need anything.

Be authentic: Consider what you would say to this individual if you were speaking face-to-face, on the phone, or via text message. What is your connection to this person? These questions may assist you in personalizing your message further in the card.

Say the pet’s name: It’s a good idea to always address your friend’s pet by name. After all, that is how they think of their pet; not as my cat or my dog, but as “Bella” or “Max”.

Share a story, memory, or photo:  If you want to go longer than the “short and sweet” style we advise above, you won’t go wrong by telling a story or recalling a memory. Everyone likes to look back in life and remember their highs. So a new story or photo is a nice touch if you want to make pet parents smile through their tears.

Use a quote: If you’re still stumped for something to write, pet sympathy cards can serve as tiny notes to include inspirational pet loss quotes. This way pet parents will feel like they are not alone in their time of grief, and it may even help lessen the sorrow they feel.

What to Get Someone Whose Dog or Cat died

If you want to go beyond the pet sympathy card, a thoughtful gift is a great way to help your loved ones remember their pet and show that they are thought about. Below is a shortlist of popular sympathy presents to give to the friend who is going through the loss of their beloved pet:

Pet Collar Keepsake Frame: The question of what to do with a pet’s possessions is one of the most challenging things to overcome after their death. On the one hand, they don’t need it anymore, but on the other, you aren’t ready to get rid of it. The Pet Collar Frame is a lovely answer to at least one of these problems.

Memorial Windchime: The silence of the house after our four-legged companion has died is one of the most difficult challenges to face. There is no pitter-patter of tiny feet, no tails thumping against walls — just silence. Memorial Windchime will provide comfort in this time of loss. It won’t re-create the noises that beloved pet make, but pet parents will be reminded of them every time the windchime makes noise.

Pet Memorial Figurine: These pet memorial figurines are great to display in your pet owner’s house, especially where they can see them. They come in all kinds of pet shapes, but are usually around the same design. These pet figurines will give your friend a nice reminder of their pet every day when they glance at it, and is always nice to see.

Personalized pet sympathy gifts: Personalized gifts are becoming increasingly popular options for dog parents who have just lost their fur baby. What could be better than a gift where you can customize their beloved pet’s name, graphics, and inspirational quotes bringing some light into their dark world? Personalizing these unique sympathy gifts will make your dog parent feel like they’re more than just another number in your “to-do” list, but rather an individual with whom you share a bond that doesn’t need words to be understood.

Other Ways to Help When Someone Loses a Pet

Regardless of what you say or do, the loss of the pet will be felt. There are, however, things you can do to assist with the grieving process. These are other things adding to the list of What to Do When Someone Loses a Pet:

  • Donate to a pet-oriented charity in their pet’s name.
  • Offer to plan and conduct a memorial service for your pet.
  • Send flowers or plant a tree in your friend’s yard to commemorate the pet.
  • Invite your pal out for a walk or trip to the park to keep them social.
  • On special occasions, send your Dog Mom & Dog Dad small gifts with inspirational pet memorial quotations to commemorate and honor their lost companion

Six Things Not to Say or Do When a Pet Dies

Unfortunately, a sense of worry may lead to mistakes. It might be difficult to recall what is and isn’t, so go over this list of “Don’ts” to assist you stay on track.

  • Do not say “Don’t cry”. Let your friend cry if they need to, and cry with them if it feels natural to you.
  • Do not say “I know how you feel” since no two individuals will ever feel the same amount of pain, sadness, or loss.
  • Do not say “You’ll feel better soon”. While this is true, the individual is in tremendous anguish at the moment. Instead of telling him that he will feel better soon, you should acknowledge his sorrow and offer condolences.
  • Do not try to avoid the topic or the person in general.
  • Do not try to make light of the situation or call the deceased pet “just a dog or cat”.
  • Do not bring up the topic of getting another pet. There is no way to replace the just deceased pet with another one. When he or she is ready, the person will acquire a new pet, but that may take time.
  • Sum Up

    The loss of a pet is an emotional one. As humans, we often find it difficult to know what to say or do in the wake of someone’s tragedy. We want you and your loved ones to know that while there are no words that can take away their pain, there are things you can do for them during this time. Here is a sum-up of what to do when someone loses a pet, so they don’t feel alone in their grief:

    • Share positive memories with them about their furry friend
    • Show your sympathy by doing something nice for them
    • Send them a pet sympathy card
    • Get them unique pet sympathy gifts
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