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Dog Memorial Quotes To Dog Lovers

Have you lost a pet and are looking for something to comfort you? Do you know someone grieving the loss of their pet and want to offer support and condolences?

One of the best ways is with pet loss quotes and sayings. They can not only communicate feelings and emotions in a far greater way than our own words but also forge a continuing remembrance of your pet. So have a look through our range of quotes below.
1. Waiting At The Door...
I was just a pup when we first met
I love you from the start,
you picked me up and took me home
and placed me in your heart.
Good times we had together, we shared all life could throw,
but years passed all too quickly, my time has come to go.
I know how much you miss me, I know your heart is sore,
I see the tears that fall when I'm not waiting at the door.
You always did your best for me, your love was plain to see
for even though it broke your heart, you set my spirit free.
So please be brave without me, one day we'll meet once more
for when you're called to Heaven. I'll be waiting at the door.
I'll just wait in heaven, 'til we meet again
I know you miss me, just remember I am free
Free from pain and sorrow, God's love fills each tomorrow.
My love's in your heart, we will never be apart.
Cherish the love we share, remember how much I care
Someday we will be together because love lives forever!
So I'll just wait in heaven, 'til we meet again.
The day you wagged into my life, we bonded from the start
You brought happiness to all my years and love into my heart
There is no other like you- you were beautifully unique.
And my heart breaks to not have you here every minute of every week
Even in your absence, there is hope my friend.
On that rainbow bridge we'll meet to love and play again
4. I Miss You But heaven is so lucky to have you:
5. Where I'll Always Be...
Please don't mourn for me, for I am still here.
Though you do not see me, I'll always be near
I'm right by your side, each day and night
Forever, I'll be in your heart, but I've wandered our of sight.
Don't dwell on the thoughts that cause you pain
We'll see each other again
I am at peace. Try to believe.
I'll be waiting for you, my friend
You always did your best for me
you gave me all your love
In your heart is where I'll stay
as I watch you from above
On your hardest days, keep thinking of me
Until we're together again
You know where I'll always be
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